Distanced but not far away. There is a place you can come to for help.

These days, hope can feel like it’s in short supply. Hope for the future, hope for others, hope for a return to something normal. But hope is vital. 

And although each day feels like a step towards a new chapter, we know that for some, harder times may just be beginning. As followers of Jesus Christ we want to be people who offer hope and support. We have been praying for our neighbourhood; street by street, home by home, business by business for peace, protection and prosperity. Whoever you are and whatever your need… we want you to know that you are not alone. We are with you. Our free clothing, emergency food support and confidential prayer line are available to you, your family members, your neighbours, or perhaps just someone you know is in need.

Offering Hope and Support: 

Free Clothing Store

High quality, free clothing.

For Adults & Children

Emergency Food Support

If you need emergency food support, or know someone who does, please get in touch.

Clothing and emergency food support are available on Thursdays from 2PM to 4PM, at Bangor Parish Church Hall, 2A Hamilton Road, Bangor, BT20 4LE


Get connected to hope.

Call 028 9131 1348 or email sayhello@bangorparishchurch.org.uk

Tuesdays at 7PM-9PM our confidential prayerline is a space where you can call to have someone pray with you over the phone. Alternatively you can email us your prayer request and our team will be happy to pray for you.

Compassion Ministry

Every Thursday, in our Compassion Store (2A Hamilton Road) from 2PM-4PM you can come for emergency food support and free good quality clothing.