There are many opportunities to serve on teams in the Parish


Join our meet and greet team and help during Sunday services and other events. This is such an important ministry as people make their first contact coming into the Parish, first impressions are lasting ones.

Youth and Children’s

Get involved in this very rewarding ministry of teaching and leading our children and young people. All volunteers will have checks carried out.


Help with refreshments at the morning and evening services. Refreshments are served in the morning at 11.00am between the services, at evening services and special events.


You can be a part of our catering team and get involved in larger events in the church where meals are required.


Our team cleans the church building every Monday morning and always finishes with a cuppa after their hard work!! If you can hoover or hold a duster you can be a valuable member of this team.


If you can cut grass, weed or use a strimmer then you can become a very valuable member of our grounds team. The team cuts the grass every two weeks during the summer on a Saturday morning from 10.00am, this normally takes 1-2 hours.


Do you have a spare hour or two a week? You could help out with administration in the office particularly at busy times of the year when there are extra events in the church.


Are you good at DIY? There are constantly jobs throughout the church building and the Dufferin Hall that require attention. If you think you could help out with this please let us know.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch: