Thank you for considering giving to the work and witness of Bangor Parish.
We encourage you to come along to a Belonging Evening to hear more about our vision and values as well as why we give and how to serve.


No matter how you give, we would ask you to apply for a Free Will Offering number by filling out the contact form below. A FWO number helps the church track payments through the bank account and maintain confidentiality.

In addition, if you are a UK Taxpayer, please remember to fill out a Gift Aid Declaration Form, which allows us to claim an additional 25% on what you give. We appreciate your time in completing this as this makes a significant difference to our income at no extra cost to you.

Please return this form and any other financial correspondence to the treasurer, posting to:

FAO Treasurer, Bangor Parish Church Office, 1 Castle Street, Bangor, BT20 4SU

Here are some ways to give:

Standing Order

This enables you to budget effectively and not worry about finding money on the way out to church every Sunday. Standing Orders also help the church to calculate cash flow more effectively and reduce costs. You can do this in one of two ways after receiving a FWO number from our Finance Team.

Option 1: Internet Banking
If you use internet banking simply go online and set up the standing order yourself using the account details below.

Bank:  Danske Bank
Sort Code: 95-02-52   Account No: 81003445
Account Name:   Bangor Parish Church (General Account)
Reference:          Your Name/FWO Number

Option 2: Standing Order Mandate
Complete a Standing Order Form and return it to your bank or to the Finance Team in person or by post:

FAO Treasurer, Bangor Parish Church Office, 1 Castle Street, Bangor, BT20 4SU

Note: Please allow 14 days from date of commencing the standing order for processing time. Both of these methods are under your control and can be stopped at any time by simply notifying your bank. If you have any queries about giving to Bangor Parish Church, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Give Online

If you prefer, you can give online by clicking the button below. Please Gift Aid your gift, if you are a UK taxpayer, and indicate your FWO number when given the chance to fill in reference details.


Weekly Giving Envelopes

You can also give to the church by using weekly envelopes which you can put on the offering plate. Contact the Finance Team using the form below and we can issue you a FWO number and envelopes.


If you would like to give a special donation you can give by cheque in the post to the church office. Please make it payable to Bangor Parish Church. Remember, if you are a UK Taxpayer, please include a Gift Aid Declaration and we can claim an additional 25% on your gift.

Post: FAO Treasurer, Bangor Parish Church Office, 1 Castle Street, Bangor, BT20 4SU

for a FWO or more details…

    Bangor Parish Church is registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC 102615



    Join our meet and greet team and help during Sunday services and other events. This is such an important ministry as people make their first contact coming into the Parish, first impressions are lasting ones.

    Youth and Children’s

    Get involved in this very rewarding ministry of teaching and leading our children and young people. All volunteers will have checks carried out.


    Help with refreshments at the morning and evening services. Refreshments are served in the morning at 11.00am between the services, at evening services and special events.


    You can be a part of our catering team and get involved in larger events in the church where meals are required.


    Our team cleans the church building every Monday morning and always finishes with a cuppa after their hard work!! If you can hoover or hold a duster you can be a valuable member of this team.


    If you can cut grass, weed or use a strimmer then you can become a very valuable member of our grounds team. The team cuts the grass every two weeks during the summer on a Saturday morning from 10.00am, this normally takes 1-2 hours.


    Do you have a spare hour or two a week? You could help out with administration in the office particularly at busy times of the year when there are extra events in the church.


    Are you good at DIY? There are constantly jobs throughout the church building and the Dufferin Hall that require attention. If you think you could help out with this please let us know.