SERIES: Rhythms of Grace

Who are we fasting for?Speaker: Matthew Gault

Fasting is about drawing close to God with pure motives. The overflow of this is justice and blessing.
Isaiah 58:1-11

Hunger for more of GodSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Saying ‘no’ to good things to receive more God things
Matthew 6.1-18

Fasting to FeastSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Fasting and praying like Jesus draws us closer to our Father
Matthew 4.1-11

Keeping our words Simple and HelpfulSpeaker: Johnny Rowe

Jesus asks us to simplify our language – to say what we mean and mean what we say.
Matthew 5:33-37

Time for GodSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Genesis 1:1-28

First Things FirstSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

First things first
It’s a wonderful life, when we keep it simple
Matthew 6.19-24, 33

Thankful PeopleSpeaker: Steven Wilson

God’s promise to us is that, when we are in a time of sowing, we should take comfort, for a time of reaping will come. The harvest awaits, and God will turn our tears to joy.
Psalm 126

Keep dancing!Speaker: Nigel Parker

How to discover fullness of life in Christ by practicing the rhythms of God’s grace.
Psalm 23

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