SERIES: Jesus' Way

Resurrection LifeSpeaker: Matthew Gault

The conclusion of our sermon series, Jesus’ Way, looking at the evidence for Resurrection and what exactly the Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus means for humankind.
Luke 24:1-12 and 50-53

Jesus in ControlSpeaker: Rev Norman Jardine

Our guest speaker, Rev Norman Jardine, examines the Passover and how Jesus’ set his face like flint towards the Cross.
Luke 22:1-23

Are we Match Fit for the End Game?Speaker: Johnny Rowe

Jesus gives a sobering message to his disciples of the Destruction of the Jerusalem temple and the End Times. However like every good coach he has the strategy and words of encouragement to see us through to victory.
Luke 21:5-38

The Rejected StoneSpeaker: Matthew Gault

God showed incredible unmerited favour in choosing Israel to make a covenant with. As a people, they consistently showed appalling ingratitude towards God. Despite this, God remained persistently patient sending prophets and ultimately His Son to call them back to Him. We see that the behaviour of Israel is a microcosm of humankind as a whole. Will you choose the Son or reject him like the Jewish leadership?
Luke 20:9-19

There’s something missing…Speaker: Steven Wilson

Zacchaeus apparently had it all, but all he felt was emptiness. Jesus calls us by name into a relationship with Him where we can find the real meaning and purpose of life.
Luke 19:1-10

The Just JudgeSpeaker: Nigel Parker

God is just and, through Jesus, He justifies those who humbly throw themselves on His mercy.
Luke 18

Humble Servants and characteristics which flow from thisSpeaker: Matthew Gault

Matthew shared about four discipleship characteristics that flow from living as humble servants of Jesus.
Luke 17: 1-10

Looking after God’s PropertySpeaker: Nigel Parker

If we look after all God has entrusted to us, He will entrust us with much more
Luke 16

Join the PartySpeaker: Nigel Parker

Jesus placed Himself in the midst of unholy people with their unholy practices and declared that heaven was having a great, noisy party every time a single sinner saw the light and began to follow God’s way.  He calls us to do the same.
Luke 15

It’s Party Time!Speaker: Nigel Parker

How to be a party guest and a party host.
Luke 14

The Kingdom of GodSpeaker: Steven Wilson

Jesus invites us to follow him to the Kingdom of God where we can experience healing, freedom and eternal life
Luke 13

Thank, Share, EnjoySpeaker: Nigel Parker

A person’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions
Luke 12:13-34

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