SERIES: Inside Out

Inside Out: InfluenceSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Looking at Jeremiah 29:4-7 and Matthew 5:13-16, we consider how God is calling us to be a ‘turned inside-out’ people, who seek to influence our community and world for the Kingdom of God.

Inside Out: Boring WellsSpeaker: Adrian McCartney

Looking at the call and journey of Abraham, we are encouraged to be a people who dig wells and build altars as we hear God’s voice and follow Him.

Inside Out: MercySpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Jim continues the Inside Out series, challenging us to see that part of being a transformational force in our community is showing mercy. Isaiah 58

Inside Out: The Big StorySpeaker: Jim Cheshire

In our new iDisciple series, we’re invited to be part of God’s daring rescue plan, to increasingly become a people turned inside out for His glory.

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