SERIES: iDisciple

Inside Out: InfluenceSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Looking at Jeremiah 29:4-7 and Matthew 5:13-16, we consider how God is calling us to be a ‘turned inside-out’ people, who seek to influence our community and world for the Kingdom of God.

Inside Out: Boring WellsSpeaker: Adrian McCartney

Looking at the call and journey of Abraham, we are encouraged to be a people who dig wells and build altars as we hear God’s voice and follow Him.

Inside Out: MercySpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Jim continues the Inside Out series, challenging us to see that part of being a transformational force in our community is showing mercy. Isaiah 58

Inside Out: The Big StorySpeaker: Jim Cheshire

In our new iDisciple series, we’re invited to be part of God’s daring rescue plan, to increasingly become a people turned inside out for His glory.

iDisciple: Finding Joy in the Midst of PainSpeaker: Bishop Harold Miller

Bishop Harold speaks from Job on finding joy in the midst of pain and suffering.

iDisiciple: Experiencing God’s PresenceSpeaker: Andy Smith

Andy Smith, Pastor of Belfast Vineyard speaks on experiencing and becoming bearers of God’s presence.

iDisciple: How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth/ Pt.2Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Jim teaches on how we can better read the Bible by understanding how the various literary genres in Scripture work together to tell God’s Big story, and point to Christ.

iDisciple: How to Read the Bible For All It’s Worth/ Pt.1Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Jim gives an overview of the Bible, and begins to unpack some practical resources to help us begin to read the Bible, for all it’s worth.

iDisciple: Praying ContinuouslySpeaker: Andrew Brannigan

Brandy speaks on how we can nurture a life marked by continuous prayer.

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