SERIES: Hearts on Fire

Practicing the Presence of GodSpeaker: Mark Wells

Hearts on Fire 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

Spiritual WarfareSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Hearts on Fire We are in a spiritual battle, Christ has won the war, let us fight with confidence in His Name. Ephesians 6.10-20

Interceding like JesusSpeaker: Johnny Rowe

Hearts on Fire It’s sobering when Jesus takes Simon aside and tells him Satan wants to sift him and the rest of the disciples like wheat in a sieve. Let’s learn something about danger and intercession from this illuminating passage. Luke 22:31-34

Listening to God in PrayerSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Hearts on Fire Matthew 4:1-11 Bring it all to the Table, there’s nothing He hasn’t seen before.  For all your fear, all your sorrow and your sadness, there’s a Saviour and He calls, ‘Bring it all to the Table’.

The Prayer of RequestSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Hearts on Fire Asking our Heavenly Father for provision is at the heart of prayer Matthew 6.9-13

Confidence in PrayerSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Clothed in Christ, we can approach God’s throne in prayerful confidence Hearts on Fire Esther 4.1 – 5.8

Being Honest with GodSpeaker: Steven Wilson

Hearts on Fire Psalm 137 How can we approach God when we are consumed by anger and  bitterness? 

Praying for HealingSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Forgiveness releases God’s healing into our lives James 5.13-20 & Matthew 18.21-35

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