SERIES: Fruitful

Gentleness and Self-ControlSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Gentleness is the exercising of God’s strength in our lives under His loving control. In worship, we willingly offer ourselves as living sacrifices and so ‘self’ is controlled by love, rather than by self-effort. This is life in all its fullness.
Romans 12

God of Promise Life of FaithSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Like Abraham, we are called to a life of faith-filled faithfulness as we respond to God’s promises and allow his Holy Spirit to work in us, so that we too can become a blessing to the world.
Genesis 12:1-9

Getting Over YourselfSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Goodness gets a bad name. It isn’t being ‘Little Goody Two-Shoes’ or a rigid condescending rule-keeper. Goodness sees good in the worst of people and embraces it, despite the cost. God is good and through Jesus Christ, we can be too.
Romans 6:1-14 & Mark 8:27-38

An Act of KindnessSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

In a world that doesn’t expect kindness, an act of kindness can change everything. But what is kindness, and having experienced it, how can we share it?
2 Samuel 9

Becoming More ResilientSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Johnny Cash said, ‘Life is rough so you gotta be tough.’ If that’s true, then what kind of toughness works in facing the roughness of life? The spiritual fruit of forbearance produces in us the resilience we all need.
Matthew 18:21-35

Rejoice in the Lord, always!Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Is it possible to really live life better? Paul shows us that we really can experience the joy-filled, peaceful life that we were made for.
Philippians 4:1-9

The Greatest Thing in the WorldSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Love has entered the world.  Widely misunderstood and rejected, it cannot be overcome, it never fails and is growing in and through every follower of Jesus Christ.
Luke 15.1-3, 11b-32

Got Fruit?Speaker: Jim Cheshire

The mark of a transformed life is the fruit of the Spirit.
Galatians 5:13-26

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