The Gift: Becoming Children of GodSpeaker: Matthew Gault

Join us as we explore how Jesus was a human being but so much more; he was God. Hear of the amazing life Jesus offers and how we too can become Children of God.
John 1.1-14

Celebrating ChristmasSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

What are you celebrating this Christmas? Through Isaiah, God promises his people that the darkness of our world and the darkness of our lives can be dealt with.
Isaiah 61

Life from HeavenSpeaker: Nigel Parker

The Spirit works to wither hope in human ability and open the way for His life to emerge.
Isaiah 40.1-11

Waiting Here For YouSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Advent is a time of waiting and expectancy, a time to wake up to what God wants to do in your life and our world.
Isaiah 64:1-9

Uncompromising LoveSpeaker: Nigel Parker

God’s life-filled word is for all, capable of producing peace-filled eternal lives. Are we putting Jesus’ teaching into practice? Our purpose is to trust Jesus completely and live for His glory.

Faith and the UnexpectedSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Christ wants to show up in the difficult places in our lives and surprise us with the unexpected. Will we let go of our expectations and allow ourselves to be filled with holy awe for who He is, and a growing expectancy for what He might want to do in and through us, by the power of His Spirit?
Luke 7

Being Truly HumanSpeaker: Nigel Parker

In life each of us need a strategy to deal with pain inflicted on us by others, whether by violence of action or words. Jesus alone provides the way by a life of radical generosity.
Luke 6

The Call to Follow ChristSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

The only solution to experiencing the life that we were made for is to reach out in faith and follow Jesus, no matter what we may have to give up along the way, because it’s only then that we receive the healing and grace and forgiveness and hope that we really need.
Luke 5

Getting FullSpeaker: Nigel Parker

The Spirit of God leads us at times into the wilderness to test us. This is both evidence of growth and an opportunity for further growth by obeying the word of God in the power of the Spirit.
Luke 4

A Storm, a Flood and Two TreesSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Through John the Baptist, God calls a people both then and now to return to himself, and to become part of Christ’s new Kingdom project of making all things new.
Luke 3

Putting Yourself in the PictureSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Luke in his portrait of Jesus, frames Him in the Temple at the centre of the Jewish and Roman world. As we gaze at this beautiful word-painting, the Spirit invites us to put ourselves in the picture.
Luke 2

Songs of Celebration!Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Mary and Zechariah celebrate God’s faithfulness as they reflect on the Good News they have received and in which they find themselves wrapped up – the silence has been broken, the long awaited saviour was coming, and God wants to use ordinary people like them to make it all happen!
Luke 1:39-80