A Storm, a Flood and Two TreesSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Through John the Baptist, God calls a people both then and now to return to himself, and to become part of Christ’s new Kingdom project of making all things new.
Luke 3

Putting Yourself in the PictureSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Luke in his portrait of Jesus, frames Him in the Temple at the centre of the Jewish and Roman world. As we gaze at this beautiful word-painting, the Spirit invites us to put ourselves in the picture.
Luke 2

Songs of Celebration!Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Mary and Zechariah celebrate God’s faithfulness as they reflect on the Good News they have received and in which they find themselves wrapped up – the silence has been broken, the long awaited saviour was coming, and God wants to use ordinary people like them to make it all happen!
Luke 1:39-80

Lord, may Your word to me be fulfilledSpeaker: Nigel Parker

God calls all into mountain top living through Jesus Christ. Are you willing to trust Him, give up everything and go?
Luke 1:1-38

Our Ultimate AuthoritySpeaker: Jim Cheshire

When it comes to navigating the tough issues facing our culture and the church today, how to we know which way to go? Looking at human sexuality as a case in point, we see how we must look to the Bible to point us in the right direction.
2 Timothy 3:10-4:5

WholeheartedSpeaker: Nigel Parker

When it comes to worshipping and serving God – give your very best in the Name of Jesus. Remembering that anything worth doing is worth doing well and also remembering that anything worth doing is worth doing badly.
Colossians 3

EvangelismSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

They say that you value what you do, and do what you value. When we apply that to our own thoughts and feelings on evangelism, how are we doing? What is our motivation for living as Christ’s ambassadors?
2 Corinthians 5:11-21

FellowshipSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Some drink to forget, we drink to remember. What a story of deliverance we have to celebrate!
Esther 8, Matthew 5.38-48

Our God ReignsSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Our God is King, we honour Him by living obediently, humbly and prayerfully. Amazingly, He honours those who honour Him through Jesus Christ.
Esther 6 & 7

Bold I approach the eternal throneSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Wonderfully, as we pray ‘through Jesus Christ our Lord’, we discover that God, our awesome King, is totally approachable and generous.
Esther 4.1 – 5.8

Jesus, King unlike any other!Speaker: Nigel Parker

The King of Heaven is in control and powerfully present even when He seems most absent.
Esther 2. 1-18

The Parable of the Great BanquetSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Now is the day of salvation.  Jesus invites you, yes even you, to join Him for dinner.  R.S.V.P.
Luke 14.1-6, 12-24