We love because He first loved usSpeaker: Nigel Parker

As those who have encountered the amazing love of Jesus Christ, we have the privilege, as Children of God, to embody that love by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that people may see, hear, taste, smell and feel the love of God.
1 John 3:1-7

Our God is a sending GodSpeaker: Anita Rowe

Just as he was sent by the Father, Jesus sends us to proclaim the good news of the gospel. Why should we have a global perspective on mission? Susan Moore talks about her recent time in Cambodia and we explore God’s heart for justice and mercy.
Isaiah 58

Foolishness and FeetSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Amazingly, the Lord Jesus comes alongside us even as our feet take us in the wrong direction. He allows Himself to be considered a fool in order to engage with us and turn us around to walk in His footsteps towards glory.
Luke 24:13-35

The Upper RoomSpeaker: Bishop Ken Clarke

John 13:1-17

The CellSpeaker: Bishop Ken Clarke

Matthew 27:15-26

The GardenSpeaker: Bishop Ken Clarke

Matthew 27:36-46

The CrowdsSpeaker: Bishop Ken Clarke

Matthew 21:1-11

Riding into Jerusalem and Riding Into HistorySpeaker: Johnny Rowe

The pilgrims entering Jerusalem for Passover saw Jesus as a “popular preacher”, a “prophet.” Jesus confounds the people by disappointing their expectations, yet being so much more than they could ever have imagined… And He still does that today. Mark 11:1-11

Join the PartySpeaker: Nigel Parker

Jesus placed Himself in the midst of unholy people with their unholy practices and declared that heaven was having a great, noisy party every time a single sinner saw the light and began to follow God’s way.  He calls us to do the same.
Luke 15

It’s Party Time!Speaker: Nigel Parker

How to be a party guest and a party host.
Luke 14

The Kingdom of GodSpeaker: Steven Wilson

Jesus invites us to follow him to the Kingdom of God where we can experience healing, freedom and eternal life
Luke 13

Thank, Share, EnjoySpeaker: Nigel Parker

A person’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions
Luke 12:13-34