Riding into Jerusalem and Riding Into HistorySpeaker: Johnny Rowe

The pilgrims entering Jerusalem for Passover saw Jesus as a “popular preacher”, a “prophet.” Jesus confounds the people by disappointing their expectations, yet being so much more than they could ever have imagined… And He still does that today. Mark 11:1-11

Join the PartySpeaker: Nigel Parker

Jesus placed Himself in the midst of unholy people with their unholy practices and declared that heaven was having a great, noisy party every time a single sinner saw the light and began to follow God’s way.  He calls us to do the same.
Luke 15

It’s Party Time!Speaker: Nigel Parker

How to be a party guest and a party host.
Luke 14

The Kingdom of GodSpeaker: Steven Wilson

Jesus invites us to follow him to the Kingdom of God where we can experience healing, freedom and eternal life
Luke 13

Thank, Share, EnjoySpeaker: Nigel Parker

A person’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions
Luke 12:13-34

Prayer in the KingdomSpeaker: Matthew Gault

Matthew examines how Jesus taught us to pray, and also looks at the radical call to ask and petition God with “shameless audacity”.
Luke 11

Limitless LoveSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Jesus humbles us with the mercy God requires so that we can receive the mercy God offers.
Luke 10

Listen to JesusSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Worship and prayer proceed joyous and effective service to the Lord.
Luke 9.18-62

Abortion – Both Lives MatterSpeaker: Dawn McAvoy

Abortion – Both Lives Matter – Reimagine Series – Week 4

Finding Life, Sharing LifeSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Jesus, the Lord of all, gives true lasting eternal peace that the world cannot give.
Luke 8.26 – 9.17

Tackling Tricky TopicsSpeaker: David Smyth

Tackling Tricky Topics – Reimagine Series – Week 3
David explores how we can dialogue with others in the Public Square with compassion and sensitivity, and also, with truth.
2 Corinthians 5.16-6.10

Persevering in the faithSpeaker: Cecilia Valdiviezo (S.A.M.S.)

Our South American Mission Society (SAMS) partner, Cecilia, tells of the Lord’s work in Northern Argentina
Hebrews 10:35-39