Praying for HealingSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Forgiveness releases God’s healing into our lives James 5.13-20 & Matthew 18.21-35

Joining the Holy Spirit in ActionSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Prayer is vital to joining in the pattern of Kingdom growth Acts 11:1-18

Celebrating God’s IncreaseSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Exploring, through Jesus’ agricultural parables, how the Kingdom of God is built and how, by His generosity, we can be involved in that process. Matthew 13.31-35

God Heals TodaySpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

The kingdom of God is God’s ‘sphere of influence’, His rule, which includes the restoration of everything in His time. 1 Corinthians 12.1-11 and Matthew 10.1-8

“When life give you lemons just make lemonade…”Speaker: Johnny Rowe

As the popular phrase goes, “When life give you lemons just make lemonade…” Life gave Herod lemons. His day had started predictable. He’d a good thing going as king in Jerusalem…. He just needed to keep in with the Romans and not rock the boat. Then 3 astronomers turn up and he starts to feel… Read more »

Joy to the WorldSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Luke 1:39-56 Christmas is good news to the poor, we too are to be good news to the poor.

Walk in the Light of the LordSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Grace teaches us to live self-controlled and godly lives in this present age Titus 2

A Light in the DarknessSpeaker: Steven Wilson

Isaiah 9: 2-7

The Authority of God in ScriptureSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Life Together Submitting to the Word of the Lord, enjoying sweet fellowship with Him 2 Timothy 3

Welcoming the StrangerSpeaker: Jonny Tate

Life Together Matthew 25:31-40

Living in PeaceSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Life Together John 15:9-17

ListeningSpeaker: Johnny Rowe

Life Together “Popular preacher arrives late to an important appointment after getting unduly distracted and delayed”. Don’t we hate distractions and interruptions to our busy schedule!!? Or does this passage in Mark 5:21-34 suggest we’re in danger of missing the point… Mark 5:21-34