When Seeing Is BelievingSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Even doubt can be a path to faith, if we let it.
John 20:19.31

Easter Changes Everything (All age Service)Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Sin is Forgiven. Death is defeated. New life is here. Luke 24:1-12

Paul’s encouragement to the ChurchSpeaker: Andrew Frame

Paul’s enoucragement to the Church to choose a Christ like mindset which will lead to Christ like character that will result in Christ like community.

Jesus’ AuthoritySpeaker: Nigel Parker

Blowing up prisons of poverty and injustice in the name and authority of Jesus.

The Key to Kingdom LivingSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

As Paul follows the Holy Spirit’s leading along his Second Missionary Journey, we discover key aspects of what true Kingdom living looks like. Acts 16

Inside Out: InfluenceSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Looking at Jeremiah 29:4-7 and Matthew 5:13-16, we consider how God is calling us to be a ‘turned inside-out’ people, who seek to influence our community and world for the Kingdom of God.

The True Mark of Christ’s ChurchSpeaker: Nigel Parker

As the church of Jesus Christ grows, we discover through debate and conflict the true mark of Christ’s people. Acts 15

Inside Out: Boring WellsSpeaker: Adrian McCartney

Looking at the call and journey of Abraham, we are encouraged to be a people who dig wells and build altars as we hear God’s voice and follow Him.

When Grace DividesSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

How do we remain courageous and faithful in the face of opposition and persecution, as we seek to experience and share the life of God’s kingdom? Acts 14

Inside Out: MercySpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Jim continues the Inside Out series, challenging us to see that part of being a transformational force in our community is showing mercy. Isaiah 58

The Surprising Truth of the GospelSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Continuing our series, we are met with the surprising truth of the life changing Kingdom of God – that all are welcome! Acts 13

The Power of PrayerSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Through Peter’s miraculous release, we discover where true strength is found in the Kingdom of God.