Filled To OverflowingSpeaker: Nigel Parker

There is great joy in being filled to overflowing with the Spirit of God. As baptised disciples of Jesus, His Spirit assures us we are children of God, develops our relationship with our Heavenly Father, gives us gifts for serving others and makes us like Jesus.
Acts 21-22

EnoughSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

When is enough…enough? Jesus’ call to radical discipleship informs how we view our money, time and energy in relation to the needs of others.
Mark 12:28-31

Fond FarewellsSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Paul’s farewell to the Ephesian elders gives us a unique insight into his life and ministry, challenging our focus and priorities.
Acts 20:1-21:14

LifestyleSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Following the Lord Jesus shapes our attitudes, values and actions.
Luke 3:1-14

Go On Being FilledSpeaker: Nigel Parker

The Name of Jesus is all powerful. We willingly submit to Him. We need fresh Spirit power to live according to His will. Acts 19

iDiscipleSpeaker: Adrian Green

Adrian Green from Mount Merrion Church in Belfast joins us to share God’s word.

Confident?Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Learning that the Gospel really is good news to share.
Acts 28.

Jesus is KingSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Acknowledging that Jesus is King of everything, everyone and everywhere is vital for living courageously with Him in a public way. Acts 17

When Seeing Is BelievingSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Even doubt can be a path to faith, if we let it.
John 20:19.31

Easter Changes Everything (All age Service)Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Sin is Forgiven. Death is defeated. New life is here. Luke 24:1-12

Paul’s encouragement to the ChurchSpeaker: Andrew Frame

Paul’s enoucragement to the Church to choose a Christ like mindset which will lead to Christ like character that will result in Christ like community.

Jesus’ AuthoritySpeaker: Nigel Parker

Blowing up prisons of poverty and injustice in the name and authority of Jesus.