iDiscipleSpeaker: Adrian Green

Adrian Green from Mount Merrion Church in Belfast joins us to share God’s word.

Confident?Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Learning that the Gospel really is good news to share.
Acts 28.

Jesus is KingSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Acknowledging that Jesus is King of everything, everyone and everywhere is vital for living courageously with Him in a public way. Acts 17

When Seeing Is BelievingSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Even doubt can be a path to faith, if we let it.
John 20:19.31

Easter Changes Everything (All age Service)Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Sin is Forgiven. Death is defeated. New life is here. Luke 24:1-12

Paul’s encouragement to the ChurchSpeaker: Andrew Frame

Paul’s enoucragement to the Church to choose a Christ like mindset which will lead to Christ like character that will result in Christ like community.

Jesus’ AuthoritySpeaker: Nigel Parker

Blowing up prisons of poverty and injustice in the name and authority of Jesus.

The Key to Kingdom LivingSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

As Paul follows the Holy Spirit’s leading along his Second Missionary Journey, we discover key aspects of what true Kingdom living looks like. Acts 16

Inside Out: InfluenceSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Looking at Jeremiah 29:4-7 and Matthew 5:13-16, we consider how God is calling us to be a ‘turned inside-out’ people, who seek to influence our community and world for the Kingdom of God.

The True Mark of Christ’s ChurchSpeaker: Nigel Parker

As the church of Jesus Christ grows, we discover through debate and conflict the true mark of Christ’s people. Acts 15

Inside Out: Boring WellsSpeaker: Adrian McCartney

Looking at the call and journey of Abraham, we are encouraged to be a people who dig wells and build altars as we hear God’s voice and follow Him.

When Grace DividesSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

How do we remain courageous and faithful in the face of opposition and persecution, as we seek to experience and share the life of God’s kingdom? Acts 14