CMS IrelandSpeaker: Paul & Tania Baker

Paul and Tania Baker give us an update about the work they are doing with CMS Ireland in Kiwoko hospital in Uganda.

God Is Closer Than You ThinkSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Could it be that God is closer than we think and that His great desire is to be with us? Join us as we embark on this new series thinking about how we can experience God’s presence today.
Matthew 28:16-20

Living By The BookSpeaker: Nigel Parker

How to live like Jesus – by Word and Spirit
Matthew 17:1-8

Adoration & ServiceSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Fear the Lord and become fearless. Submission and service mark the path to peace and power.
Isaiah 6.1-8

The Treasure Of CommunitySpeaker: Jim Cheshire

As those who have experienced the joys of new life through Jesus Christ and being brought into a new community by His Spirit, we have a treasure that must be shared.
2 Kings 7:3-20

The Cost Of DiscipleshipSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

In our new series, we remind ourselves of those values that we hold dear as a church. As we do, we hear Christ’s challenge us to deeper levels of faith and commitment to follow Him.
Luke 14:25-33

We Are ChosenSpeaker: Nigel Parker

When Jesus calls us, He equips us. He makes us good enough to follow Him.

Finding FreedomSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Jesus has fought for and won our freedom, conquering Satan on the cross. In love, He offers us healing and victory.

God’s GoodnessSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Love in our lives is the sign and proof that we have received God’s forgiveness.
Luke 7:36-50

God DeliversSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Can you imagine God not delivering all we need to provide for the needs of others? No way! So ask and receive. He is ready to give His Spirit.
Luke 11:5-8

The Elijah Chronicles – Letting God be GodSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

As we conclude our series on Elijah’s life, we learn that it’s high time we let God be Lord of our lives. 2 Kings 1

The Elijah Chronicles – When enough is enoughSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Through Elijah’s life we learn about God’s justice, and are challenged to live lives of humble repentance and faith. 1 Kings 21