Confidence in PrayerSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Clothed in Christ, we can approach God’s throne in prayerful confidence Hearts on Fire Esther 4.1 – 5.8

Being Honest with GodSpeaker: Steven Wilson

Hearts on Fire Psalm 137 How can we approach God when we are consumed by anger and  bitterness? 

Praying for HealingSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Forgiveness releases God’s healing into our lives James 5.13-20 & Matthew 18.21-35

Joining the Holy Spirit in ActionSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Prayer is vital to joining in the pattern of Kingdom growth Acts 11:1-18

Celebrating God’s IncreaseSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Exploring, through Jesus’ agricultural parables, how the Kingdom of God is built and how, by His generosity, we can be involved in that process. Matthew 13.31-35

God Heals TodaySpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

The kingdom of God is God’s ‘sphere of influence’, His rule, which includes the restoration of everything in His time. 1 Corinthians 12.1-11 and Matthew 10.1-8

“When life give you lemons just make lemonade…”Speaker: Johnny Rowe

As the popular phrase goes, “When life give you lemons just make lemonade…” Life gave Herod lemons. His day had started predictable. He’d a good thing going as king in Jerusalem…. He just needed to keep in with the Romans and not rock the boat. Then 3 astronomers turn up and he starts to feel… Read more »

Joy to the WorldSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Luke 1:39-56 Christmas is good news to the poor, we too are to be good news to the poor.

Walk in the Light of the LordSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Grace teaches us to live self-controlled and godly lives in this present age Titus 2

A Light in the DarknessSpeaker: Steven Wilson

Isaiah 9: 2-7

The Authority of God in ScriptureSpeaker: Rev. Nigel Parker

Life Together Submitting to the Word of the Lord, enjoying sweet fellowship with Him 2 Timothy 3

Welcoming the StrangerSpeaker: Jonny Tate

Life Together Matthew 25:31-40