Registration for General Vestry members is now open.

We are delighted that you are part of the Bangor Parish Church family and would encourage you to consider registering as a member of the General Vestry. Registering enables you to attend our Annual Easter General Vestry meeting, which this year will be held on Wednesday 21 April 2021 at 7.30pm in the Worship Area, (social restrictions permitting). At this meeting, registered members of the General Vestry hear about our vision and strategy, pray together and appoint new office bearers, e.g., Select vestry members and Church Wardens.  

The General Vestry register is open to receive new registrations for one month per year. This year it is open from Wednesday 20 January to Monday 22 February. In order to register, please complete the simple Form of Declaration which you can download at the bottom of this page and then post it to Jonny Tate at the Parish Office or email a scanned copy to by 22 February. Our postal address is 1 Castle Street, Bangor, BT20 4SU. Once registered, your registration is valid for subsequent years, so long as the criteria of registration are fulfilled. Registered members must be baptised disciples, be 18 years of age or over, have been attending (including online services) Bangor Parish for three months or more, and are contributing financially to the church in a recordable manner (e.g., Standing Order or Freewill Offering Envelopes). (Married couples or family units may choose to give financially under the name of one person. In this case, a spouse or adult dependent may still register). There is information concerning financial giving on our website, which you can view here.

Thank you