Join Gavin and Joanne on their doorstep as they remind us about the peace there is to be found when we remember that God is in control.

What does your week look like?

Our week is busy as we are both involved in running our business – BlueBuild. There are always issues to resolve and manage, especially in recent times as we take steps to protect our staff, customers and suppliers.

We find each morning spending time with the Lord helps us keep focused on what is really important. This might be in prayer, reading the bible, following Word For The Day or a Bible Ap. There is so much really excellent material available to us it is hard to choose.

Our mid week highlight is our Life Group zoom meeting on a Wednesday night hosted by Jim and Diane, Jane and Bob.

At present weekends are spent sorting our stuff as we are moving house just before Christmas. After living in our house for over 20 years there is a lot to sort! However, we always manage to have a long rambling family walk with the dog which is a great de-stresser on a Sunday.

What are you thankful for? 

We are thankful everyday our family, friends, home, health and well-being.

For our church and vibrant housegroup which provides us with support encouragement and laughter.

For Bangor our beautiful seaside town and for all the gifts God has given us.

We are also thankful that our business has continued to trade and our staff are all still in employment with orders looking promising for the New Year.

We are so thankful we have a generous God.

What is the Lord teaching you in these days? 

We feel the Lord is teaching us that perseverance, patience and faithfulness are all essential when striving to carry out God’s will. That He will sort things out and we can find peace in the knowledge that He is in control. Currently we are finding comfort and strength in Hebrews 11:3 NIV:

“Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”