David and Ann remind us that even in these strange times, Jesus remains the only constant and He is our ‘ever present help in trouble’.

What does your week look like?

In these ‘covid’ times and many changes, we feel it’s more important than ever for us to try to maintain an element of structure in our lives – despite regular ‘fixtures’ being no longer possible.  Ann, for example, would have met with her two prayer partners once a week  in one or other of their homes, to catch up and pray for personal individual family needs, and beyond.  That happens now by texted requests or video telephone calls.   David has an involvement in a missional outreach in Southern Argentina and would conduct meetings by Zoom.  We use the phone regularly to give support to friends and acquaintances whom we’ve made over the years in West Michigan – our son and family being resident there – with varying situations of difficulty or distress, who don’t have access to electronic contact. It’s easier, of course, to keep in touch with local friends either by phone or by socially distanced walking.  The indoors entertainment is increasingly Scrabble, reading and selective TV viewing!  A more than decent walk at least twice a day is a given!  

What are you thankful for?

First and foremost, we thank God daily for our health and strength, for our children and theirs (we pray, also daily, that the Holy Spirit be active in their lives), for food on the table, a roof over our heads, a car at the door and the delight of living less than a minute from the sea.  Our blessings are so abundant they defy calculation. We are so thankful, too, that God is evident in the small things of our lives as well as in the ‘big stuff’.

What is God teaching you in these days?

Patience and trust.  A viral infection has brought the world to its knees economically and relationally. (We miss very much being able to spend time with our families in London and in Grand Rapids, either here or with them.  We are grateful – though of course it’s not the same – to be able to see them virtually.)  Added to that is the political turmoil we witness on many fronts. The only constant is our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ – our ‘ever present help in trouble’.   The Lord is on His throne.  We were never in charge.