Whether you are exploring Christian faith or are keen to find somewhere to belong, we would love for you to join with us at home for Church this Sunday.

Sunday Mornings

We love gathering together to worship God and we are so blessed to have the technology to allow us to continue learning and growing in faith together. We are continuing to follow government advice in order to protect one another and the wider community. Therefore, our on-site services will be suspended for two weeks but through our Church at Home livestream we will be able to continue worshipping God together! On Sunday 29 November and Sunday 6 December we will be livestreaming a service from our church building at 11AM that will be available for you to watch at home. Whether you’ve been a part of our Church family for a while or you have never been to Church before we would love for you to come and join us online as we worship God together. 

Church at Home

Each Sunday our service will be live streamed at 11AM on our YouTube channel. Live streaming means that you can watch the services LIVE, as it happens, each Sunday. 

Practically speaking there are a few things to note about live streaming. You can watch the live stream by going directly to our YouTube channel on Sundays or if you are on our mailing list you will receive an email ahead of time with the link to view the livestreamed service. However, an important point to note is the video stream will not start until shortly before the beginning of the service. If you are a few minutes late to start the live stream, it will not start from the beginning but will commence at whatever point we are at in the live service. If this happens and you would like to watch the service from the beginning you will need to rewind the video to view it from the start. 

Each Sunday the live streamed video will also be made available on our YouTube channel shortly after the service has finished. 

As a Church family we can worship God anywhere, any day of the week, through thanks and praise sung aloud or spoken in our hearts. In every moment of our lives we can praise God for who He is! So, as we look forward to gathering together online as a family on Sunday mornings, we remember that God is not bound by space or time. Praise God for His Holy Spirit who is alive, active and at work wherever we are!

“And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20