Unprecedented Demand Brings Unimaginable Provision

The past 18 months have been unbelievably busy for Storehouse North Down. At present we are helping approximately 500 people a month although we expect this number to increase once furlough ends and winter brings the added strain of heating costs.

Thinking back to the beginning of lockdown we faced various challenges:

  • Increased demand for parcels due to people not being able to get out and about
  • Further demand due to growing unemployment and people struggling on lower incomes
  • Reduction in volunteers as many of our regular team are classed as vulnerable
  • Constraints caused by social distancing rules and the need for safety

Given the level of need and seriousness of the situation we knew we had to respond quickly….We moved to shift-working in order to limit the number of people that were in Storehouse at any given time and by doing this we have managed, not only to stay open the whole way through lockdown, but to greatly increase output.
Although demand for parcels has been high the support we’ve had from the community has been fantastic. Many local businesses have been very generous in their support and churches have continued with their collections, many meeting up in church car parks to donate food even when the churches were closed! Ards and North Down Council gave us a grant and this along with many generous monetary donations from individuals and groups has enabled us to buy items that we often have a shortage of.
In true kingdom economy we’ve found that the more we give out the more we receive just as it says in Luke 6v38. Our Lord has truly been faithful in providing all and indeed more than we need and it’s exciting to see it as a daily reality.

A big thank you for your support. It is only by such support that we can continue to do what we do.

For Storehouse North Down

How to Pray for Us:

  • For continued safety and good health for our volunteers so that they may be able to continue Storehouse North Down’s work.
  • That the agencies we work with will be able to reach everyone in need of help in the coming months.
  • That we will be able to respond to and support the increased need that is likely to arise as furlough ends and winter arrives.
  • That many people’s lives return to ‘normal’ that they will not forget the need that exists and that we will continue to be blessed with food donations as we have been all through the pandemic.
  • That the local community will continue to work well together helping those in need.