Join us on Sunday mornings for all our fun filled ministries for Youth and Children.

Family Ministries Update- We’re back!

We are excited to say that as of the 5th September we will be starting back with our Sunday morning Kids and youth ministries. Little Church for preschool age, Kid’s Church for primary school age and Connect for secondary school-aged kids will all be back with fun and games to help us all learn more about God’s amazing love in our lives.

Social restrictions will still be in place in a limited sense and we would ask that you and your kids respect these rules for everyone’s safety. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about any of these ministries please contact Mark at

To register your children to come and join us at any of our Sunday morning ministries please fill in this google form below:

Little Church

Small children soak up information like a sponge. They have such a capacity for learning and in Little Church we want to create a space where they can learn about how much God loves them. With prayers, songs, crafts and play we seek to teach the children that they can know and love God now.

Due to social distancing measures still being in place for children we would ask that, for now, at least 1 parent accompanies their child into the Comgall room for Little Church. We will have set out spaces for parents and kids to enjoy but we would ask that you attempt to maintain a 2 metre distance from others using the room. 

Children usually join in with the main church service at 11:30am and then are taken out by parents after about 15 minutes. Children are then collected by parents after the service.

Kid’s Church

We believe that children have an exceptional ability to meet with God because they have such great faith. Through Kid’s Church we seek to help children to engage in a living and active faith that changes their world and the world around them. This year we will be covering the same topics that are going to be talked about during the Sunday service so we can all go home after the service and talk about what we have learned.

Through songs, games, crafts, stories, memory verses, and more there will be lots of different ways for children to come and experience God’s amazing love for them.

For collection please exit the main Church area and head up the stairs nearest the main entrance of the Church. Maintain social distance while traveling up the stairs and into the gallery. Once you have collected your children please head down the opposite side of the gallery to help maintain a one-way system and to reduce congestion in the building.

Children usually join in with the main church service at 11:30 am and then are taken out by parents after about 15 minutes. Children are then collected by parents after the service.


CONNECT is our secondary school ministry.

Young people are growing up in such a difficult environment. With social media, global crises, and school exams there are lots of things invading their minds. In Connect we seek to create a space where young people can connect with the God who can change all of that and resource them to become the agents of that change.

Sunday mornings

Connect meets every Sunday during the 11:30 am service with DVDs, good food, games, and lots of interesting topics for us to get our teeth into.

For those who aren’t medically exempt, we would ask that all young people over the age of 13 would wear a mask when moving throughout the Church. Once we get settled into the room on Sunday morning everyone can take their masks off before we get started. 

We will ask all young people to exit themselves, heading down the stairs on the far side of the gallery to help maintain a one-way system leaving the building.


Connect//Social also goes on regular nights out and holds a variety of events throughout the year, including a monthly trip to the Diocesan SNL events (via McD’s!!!).


Throughout the year, Connect//Residential offers opportunities to go away on youth weekends like Summer Madness, the confirmation weekend, Kilbroney camps, and Crosslinks camps.

Youth Fellowship

Youth fellowship will not be on for the coming months on Sunday night but keep an eye out for trips and other events happening throughout the year.

Toddler play area

For parents who wish to remain in the service but need a bit of space for their babies to be able to play a little, we provide a parent and baby play area at the back of the Church opposite the sound desk during the 11:30am service. Please try and maintain social distance were possible in this space.