We believe God has called us to take His healing love out onto the streets!

Due to Covid-19 our Healing on the Streets team will not be out on Wednesdays for the forseeable future however we would love to pray with you over the phone. Get connected to hope with our confidential Prayerline (028 9131 1348) open every Tuesday evening from 7PM-9PM.

We believe that something
profound happens when we willingly respond to Jesus and make ourselves
vulnerable by allowing someone else pray with us. This is why we offer prayer
ministry following our services.

People come for prayer for all sorts of things, for physical healing, for guidance, for healing from past hurts. Sometimes people ask for prayer for loved ones and illnesses in their families. Others want to meet afresh with God. Sometimes people come looking for God’s forgiveness and sometimes needing help to forgive others.

Life at times can be difficult and not always go the way we would desire and plan. While we can pray ourselves sometimes it is good to have the prayers and support of others, this is what the prayer ministry team is there for.

Healing on the Streets

We offer prayer for healing at our Sunday services but also believe God has called us to take His healing love out onto the streets.  You will find the team on Wednesday mornings from 10.00 am – 11.30 am, on Main Street, outside Danske Bank.

During the time the team are praying on the street we open the church for tea and coffee and members of the Prayer Ministry Team are available to pray for anyone who requests it.

The church prayer meeting also takes place at this time. This is a time when we pray for those in our community, schools, businesses, our church family, the bereaved, those who are ill and the persecuted church. We spend a short time in worship, reading the Bible and corporate prayer then we spend the rest of the morning praying individually using the various prayer points that have been placed around the room.