What's it all about? 

For the ten days from Ascension to Pentecost, Bishop David is calling the churches of Down and Dromore to pray fervently that people would come to faith in Christ. 
We sense that there is a renewed passion for local mission in the diocese and also a hunger within society for God. BBC news very recently reported that ‘a survey by ComRes last week found that almost one in four British adults have watched or listened to a religious service since lockdown began… just 6% of adults regularly attend a religious service’. In our Diocese alone, 90 people have joined in the online diocesan Alpha. So let’s join with others across the diocese to pray that the Lord will bring new citizens into His kingdom.  


Thursday 21 May: Bangor Parish Ascension Day Service available on our YouTube channel from 7am so that you can worship with us at a time that suits you. 
Friday 22 May: Prayer focus on young adults with Bishop David and Tim Burns 
Saturday 23 May: Prayer focus on women with Hilary McClay 
Sunday 24 May: Bangor Parish Sunday Service with special prayers from Church leaders.
Monday 25 May: Worship Rooms online on Facebook and YouTube & Prayer focus on select vestries with Bishop David 
Tuesday 26 May: Our Tuesday Life Groups praying for the lost
Wednesday 27 May: Praying the Litany & OurWednesday Life Groups praying for the lost
Thursday 28 May: OurThursday Life Groups praying for the lost
Friday 29 May: Prayer focus on civic leaders with Bishop David
Saturday 30 May: Prayer focus on men with Bishop David
Sunday 31 May:  Pentecost Sunday Service online at 11AM where Bishop David will be speaking to us. In the evening we will also be having an online Immerse service of prayer and worship online on Facebook and YouTube at 7PM.  

Check back here each day from the 21 to 31 May for some great prayer resources and videos to encourage us from Bishop David and others in the Diocese.

Prayer Resources:

Young Adults

Day One - Friday 22 May

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Day Two - Saturday 23 May

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Worship Rooms

Day Four - Monday 25th May

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Select Vestries

Day Five - Select Vestries

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Praying the Litany

Day Six - Wednesday 27 May

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