An Act of KindnessSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

In a world that doesn’t expect kindness, an act of kindness can change everything. But what is kindness, and having experienced it, how can we share it?
2 Samuel 9

Becoming More ResilientSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Johnny Cash said, ‘Life is rough so you gotta be tough.’ If that’s true, then what kind of toughness works in facing the roughness of life? The spiritual fruit of forbearance produces in us the resilience we all need.
Matthew 18:21-35

Rejoice in the Lord, always!Speaker: Jim Cheshire

Is it possible to really live life better? Paul shows us that we really can experience the joy-filled, peaceful life that we were made for.
Philippians 4:1-9

The Greatest Thing in the WorldSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Love has entered the world.  Widely misunderstood and rejected, it cannot be overcome, it never fails and is growing in and through every follower of Jesus Christ.
Luke 15.1-3, 11b-32

Got Fruit?Speaker: Jim Cheshire

The mark of a transformed life is the fruit of the Spirit.
Galatians 5:13-26

What’s In A Name?Speaker: Jim Cheshire

As we believe and faithfully follow Christ, our lives are changed and we become the people God created us to be.
John 1:29-42

Being Ready To Receive All God Has For You In 2017Speaker: Nigel Parker

Your heavenly Father has a wonderful purpose for your life, filled with blessings. Are you ready to receive? King David and King Jesus display characteristics vital for being ready.
Matthew 3:13-17

New Year PeaceSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Whatever we face as we enter this new year, we can know God’s peace and the blessing of His presence, which dispels our worries and fears.
Luke 2:8-21

Exchanging Gifts With GodSpeaker: Nigel Parker

God promises to meet our needs, (not our wants). What would you put on your ‘Christmas list’ to Jesus? And what gift would you like to give to Him?
Luke 2:1-20

God With UsSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Who was the baby in the manger? What difference does it make, anyway?
Matthew 1:18-25

Living As Lights Of ChristSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Jesus is the light of mankind. As we look back on 2016 and also to the future, we do so as people alight with the life of Christ in us.
John 1.1-9

Preparing For ChristmasSpeaker: Jim Cheshire

Advent reminds us that when Christ returns he’s going to sort everything out – including us! Best to be prepared.
Matthew 3:1-12