What Are We Waiting For?Speaker: Nigel Parker

21st April 2019, Easter John 20.1-18, 1 Corinthians 15.35-58 Jesus’ resurrection body is a new type of physical body, transformed from His old physical body.  Those who look to Him will be resurrected to everlasting life in similar transformed physical bodies within the new heaven and earth.

Real AuthoritySpeaker: Nigel Parker

Jesus had authority to lay down His life and take it up again. A reality He accepted by faith in His Father. That’s faith in action, that’s real authority.
Luke 5:17-26
(Nigel Parker)

Restoring RelationshipSpeaker: Mark Wells

God wants to restore us and to use us to restore the whole world. How? Through a deep and intimate relationship of love.
Isaiah 49:8-21
(Mark Wells)

The Perfected KingdomSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Life After Heaven Revelation 21.1-8 and 21.22-22.5 (Nigel Parker)

The Proclaimed KingdomSpeaker: Nigel Parker

The story of everything
2 Corinthians 4
(Nigel Parker)

The Present KingdomSpeaker: Nigel Parker

The Lord our Righteousness
Luke 1.67-80
(Nigel Parker)

The Prophesied KingdomSpeaker: Nigel Parker

Judgment is Coming
Hosea 3, Mark 12.35-37
(Nigel Parker)

The Partial KingdomSpeaker: Johnny Rowe

The Partial Kingdom
(Johnny Rowe)

The Promised KingdomSpeaker: Rev Nigel Parker

The Promised Kingdom
Genesis 17.1-8
God has already made us what He is calling us to be
(Nigel Parker)

The Perished KingdomSpeaker: Rev Nigel Parker

Where did it all go wrong? Genesis 3 (Nigel Parker)

The Beginning and the EndSpeaker: Steven Wilson

God’s ‘big plan’ for us and for the world was good because it was of Him. He calls broken people and a broken world back to Him, and promises that one day He will make everything new once again.
Genesis 1:1-2:3

Christianity 101Speaker: Nigel Parker

Christlikeness: Give Your All, Join The Family, Keep on Growing, Serve Each Other, Transform Your World.
John 15.1-17